Sales Force, CRM & Viral Marketing Solution

NeoForce is a web based Real Estate CRM software for automating and managing all your real estate sales processes, sales accounting and providing customer support. Its capabilities also include viral marketing, orders management, payment collection (outright and instalments) as well as projects/products management.

NeoForce will help you drive up efficiency by grossly reducing turnaround times of day to day processes while still driving down sales operations costs. It improves accountability and theft control, sales reporting and analysis, and customer support by providing you instant access to their personal and order information.

NeoForce is 100% customizable to fit in cases that you have unique needs and once deployed can be accessed from anywhere you are in the world and from any device – smartphone, tablet or computer.

Sales and orders management (with approval workflow)

Manage products order and process from leads/prospects to conversion, create order with NeoForce 2-minute order to receipt feature and collect instalment lodgments on each sale accurately. Send automatic invoices and receipts to customers and store sales data. Either outright sales or installment payments can be processed. Necessary approvals can be applied at every stage.

Viral growth in customer acquisition and marketing

Achieve viral growth in sales using the sellers’ referral scheme. Salesmen refer each other in a multilevel marketing system leading to a larger salesforce and a faster sales cycle for products.

Customer information management and support

NeoForce CRM stores and organizes complete customers’ information in one database. You can also do effective customer care and support by easily querying for any customer’s full information with a simple search by customer name, ID, email, etc. An integrated ticketing system helps with all customer interactions and concerns resolution.

Payments collection

Collect payments from all major channels. Bank deposit, bank transfer/wire or bank debit/credit cards. Payments are processed on confirmation and approval.

Business reporting on any and all products and sales figures

All customer data, sales data, dues, products details and metrics, etc. can be easily queried to access such data in organized reports form usable for management decision making. Reports are visualized in charts and tables and can can be exported in PDF and HTML format for printing and offline use.